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16 Jul 2017

Arcadier named one of Singapore's Fastest Moving Companies in 2017

SME100 Awards is an annual recognition programme organised by SME Magazine, naming the 100 fastest moving businesses of the SME sector. To promote recognition of top businesses in a dynamic market, the SME100 Awards has served as a symbol separating the best among the great. 

The SME100 Awards, since its establishment, has served as pinnacle of trust and benchmark of reliability among business owners. Available to both Malaysia and Singapore, SME100 Awards is the highest accolade for an SME to aspire for.

On behalf of Arcadier's founders and multi-award winning team, thank you for your participation and support.

We will continue to work hard to not only be world’s fastest growing marketplace creator but also as one of the most formidable ecommerce platform companies in the world!