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11 Feb 2018

Arcadier Partners with Payment, Shipping and Insurance Solution Providers for Online Marketplaces

Singapore, February 2018 — Every online marketplace needs an ecosystem of support services to function. For marketplace owners who are looking to improve trust and provide better service to customers, Arcadier has signed Affiliate Partnership agreements with payment provider Payoneer, order fulfillment and inventory management solution Shipmonk, and insurtech platform Guardhog.

Arcadier’s Affiliate Partnership Program allows auxiliary service providers to work together with Arcadier to create an ecosystem in which Arcadier users can easily access the resources, services and expert knowledge needed to help grow and develop their marketplace. Arcadier COO Kenneth Low shares, "We are delighted to be partnering with Payoneer, Shipmonk, and Guardhog. Welcoming these three newest affiliate partners is a huge step in enabling users to rapidly scale their marketplaces. They have all proven to be industry leaders and experts in their own right and are a perfect match to the diverse needs of our marketplace owners."

Payoneer is the payment provider of choice for marketplaces such as Airbnb, Amazon, Fiverr, Upwork, Lazada, and Rakuten. Its seamless cross-border mass payout and escrow solution has now been made available for all Arcadier online marketplace users. Payoneer will offer Arcadier users complimentary account setup and free Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments for the first year.

Based in Florida, Shipmonk is the fastest-growing multichannel ecommerce fulfillment center and third-party logistics in the U.S. Shipmonk prides itself in its personal customer service, speed of service and ease of use. Arcadier users will receive 10% off all pick and pack fee and waived monthly minimum for the first 30 days ($250/mo value).

Headquartered in London, Guardhog is the answer to traditional models of insurance that simply don’t fit sharing economy businesses, especially online rental marketplaces. Guardhog covers for malicious damage, accidental damage, theft, public liability, and even damage caused by fires and leaks. As an Arcadier Affiliate Partner, Guardhog is offering 10% off insurance cover to Arcadier users.

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