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20 Jun 2017

Major Enhancements to Arcadier Marketplaces - May 2017

This May, Arcadier has launched exciting new features to create a better experience for all our users. Check out the features below:

New features:
(1) Login with own username and password
Market administrators can now create an account using username, without using Google or Facebook login

(2) Customisable homepage
Arcadier now comes with numerous customisable features that allows you to further personalize your marketplace and add more information about your site to the homepage! These includes the ability to insert multiple main header pictures that will be displayed in carousel format, and to insert an infinite number of panels onto your homepage in order to showcase marketplace information or value proposition.

The panels are rearrange-able and come in two forms - call-to-action panels and value proposition panels.

(3) Change accent color
Admins can now change the accent color of your entire marketplace. The colour scheme will be applied to everything in your site, ranging from the background colour of your homepage to the buttons.

(4) Add social media links
Add these social media buttons to link your marketplace website to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

(5) Add external links
The linking feature allows you to link your homepage to external sites, which can be found at the header of your marketplace site. 

(6) Use custom CSS
With the CSS editor on your admin dashboard, you can modify your marketplace colors, layout, fonts and more! The different themes that Arcadier offers are done purely by CSS and JavaScript. With this feature, you can create your own custom theme too.

(7) Multilingual translations
Multilingual capabilities are now available on all our marketplace types! This feature also allows you to edit the headers of your marketplace template. 

Future Launches

Guides to Arcadier's Most Powerful Features

  • Top Uses of Custom JavaScript
    With our custom JavaScript tool, you can unlock a large number of possibilities! Click here to find out more!
  • Contextualizing Your Marketplace
    With our Language features, you can customize the words and phrases on your marketplace to make it one that fits the goods or services in them. Learn more here.
  • Generic Payment Processors
    Integrate with payment processors like Adyen and Braintree besides Arcadier’s default payment processors Stripe and PayPal. Check out our guide or watch our video on payment flows.
  • Customizable Homepage
    Customize multiple features on your Homepage to make your marketplace stand out from the rest! Learn more about customizable features of our homepage here
  • Custom CSS tool
    Modify your marketplace visuals and graphics using our custom CSS! Refer to our guide for more details about this feature.

For more details, you can also refer to Slideshare, our FAQ/Help Centre, and YouTube channel.