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15 Jan 2018

Marketplace Updates this January

  1. SKU input

We’ve enabled our marketplace merchants to input SKU identifiers for each listing and variant. This feature will make it easier for sellers to manage inventory.

(2) Freemium subscription will be replaced with 30 days trial subscription

We’ve received feedback from our Freemium users that they’d like to explore all the features that Arcadier can offer, which they were unable to do before with the Freemium plan. Come 16 January 2018, we will be replacing our freemium option with the introduction of a free 30-day trial to all Arcadier marketplaces. This means that our users will have full access to all the Basic Plan (US$79/month) features for free for 30 days.

For existing users who are subscribed to the Freemium tier, we are pleased to extend the 30-day trial to you with full access to the Basic Plan features and functions. If you would like your Freemium marketplace to continue functioning thereafter (beyond 16th Feb 2018), please subscribe to one of our paid packages, which starts from US$39. If you are a non-profit currently using Arcadier, do not fret as you may still be eligible for our CSR program.

(3) Introducing our half-yearly and annual packages

We know that it takes time to build a marketplace and we have been asked by our users to provide more affordable package plans. We are pleased to offer 6-month and 12-month subscription packages with big savings:

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