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07 Mar 2017

New Features on Arcadier Marketplaces - March 2017

Armed with valuable feedback, we are doing all that we can to build a better experience for our marketplace users.

New features this March:

Arcadier marketplace enhancements March.PNG

(1) SEO with Sitemaps

Marketplace administrators can now add their sitemap to search engines like Google for better search optimization. Copy the meta tag provided by the search engine, then integrate it into Arcadier’s Custom Code on the admin dashboard.

(2) Favicons

Admins can also upload their own webpage tab icon by replacing the existing icon with one that is 16x16 pixels.

Guides to Arcadier’s most powerful features:

  • Top Uses of Custom JavaScript
    With our custom JavaScript tool, you can unlock a large number of possibilities! Click here to find out more.

  • Contextualizing Your Marketplace
    With our Language features, you can customize the words and phrases on your marketplace to make it one that fits the goods or services in them. Learn more here.

  • Generic Payment Processors
    Integrate with payment processors like Adyen and Braintree besides Arcadier’s default payment processors Stripe and PayPal. Check out our guide or watch our video on payment flows here.

Tutorials and FAQs

Need help getting your marketplace up and running? Here’s a short video to help you along:

We have many more tutorial videos on our Arcadier Youtube channel and FAQs on HELP Centre. Check them out to learn how to use your marketplace and troubleshoot common problems.

Future launches

Check out our SlideShare for more info on future launches and new themes:

If you have any queries or feedback, don't hesitate to contact us at