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Arcadier is a powerful platform designed to help local councils manage economic development programs, community interests, and engagement initiatives seamlessly from a single platform.

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Showcase your business-friendly environment

Attracting new businesses to your region can be streamlined. Create a dedicated marketplace that highlights what sets you apart from other areas. Share valuable insights on local economic trends, forecasts, amenities, available services, and resources - all in one convenient platform. Engage existing SMEs in your region with comprehensive services directories, educational opportunities, grants and programs and helpful links to inter-governmental agencies.

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Community. Connections. Commerce.

 Multiple marketplaces

Multiple marketplaces

Create multiple marketplaces  to support any interest group: from business hubs to community events.

Community building

Community building

Showcase the best of your region with images and maps for location specific navigation.

Local business hub

Local business hub

Create a central hub for your local business needs: directories, grants, events, support services.

Data & insights

Data & insights

Easily identify trends, behaviours, preferences and interests within your local economy.

Serving your community

Trust & credibility

Enhance the experience of your local residents by developing multiple interest-based marketplaces to cater to diverse groups. It's a one-stop, hyperlocal search engine for your residents.

Boosted website traffic

Create a directory for parents looking for playgrounds, local walks, child-friendly activities and events all in one place. Create a multi-cultural marketplace with local events, support services and resources. Whatever is important to your residents, Arcadier gives you the tools you need to better support and engage your local community.

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Why Arcadier?


Arcadier is a powerful platform designed to help local governments manage economic development programs, community events and engagement initiatives seamlessly from a single platform. With Arcadier, you can create multiple marketplace directories to reflect the bespoke needs of your community, streamlining your digital assets and eliminating multiple systems.

Create a more connected, informed and engaged community with Arcadier.

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When deciding which marketplace provider to go with, we chose Arcadier due to the quick timeline and nimble structure. They catered to all our requirements, especially given that this marketplace operates at the forefront of a new industry.
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