The need to customise marketplaces is driven by highly industry-specific functions that are benchmarks for professionalism and capability. Arcadier's Managed Services can assist customers in achieving these competitive benchmarks in their marketplace platforms, by identifying business requirements in the Planning & Design Phase, executing plans through the Customisation & Deployment Phase and Supporting your marketplace through the Operation and Scaling Phase.

Managed Services to Support Your Marketplace

Arcadier offers expertise in Managed Services to help you in 3 x key areas:

support Marketplace
Sophisticated Engineering
Business Requirements
  • Save implementation time by planning
    early with Certified Arcadier's Marketplace Expert
    to align your business needs, processes
    and technical systems with Arcadier's platform capabilities.
  • Work with Certified Arcadier's Marketplace Expert to ensure you maximise the platform's capabilities for a successful project delivery.
Out of the box functionality
Design Thinking Workshop
  • Begin your marketplace project with a better understanding of the design principles behind building a marketplace.
  • Learn best practices from Certified Arcadier's Marketplace Expert Partners through a workshop to bring your project vision to life.
Saas Scalability & ease of use
Migration Support
  • Minimise business downtime and the risk of data loss while shifting from your existing platform to Arcadier's platform.
  • Our Development Specialists can support your data transfer and develop an optimal migration plan.
Api Adaptability
Strategic Architechture
  • Business or industry regulators may require you to meet higher technology, security or compliance requirements.
  • Our Arcadier Solution Architects can help you define possible architectural alternatives to ensure your marketplace platform meets these demands effectively.
Api Adaptability
  • Ensure your customisations, third party applications and integrations are well-implemented with a technical review and code audit.
  • Engage Arcadier's Development Team to implement key customisations identified in the Business Requirements phase by our Solutions Experts.
Api Adaptability
Customer Support and
Account Management
  • Good Customer Support and Account Management can be helpful in the day-today management, growth and success of your marketplace and Arcadier can engage these services.
  • Arcadier can also provision extra Customer Support in the form of live chat support, email support and on-boarding support to ensure maximum traction.
Api Adaptability
Content Management
  • To build and maintain trust on your marketplace, it is important that the data provided by your vendors are updated accurately and comply with your requirements.
  • Arcadier can support you by loading and managing the content provided by your vendor partners.
Api Adaptability
Marketplace Training
and Workshops
  • Upskill your employees or business partners so they can efficiently operate on your Arcadierpowered marketplace.
  • Arcadier offers system management training workshops to help your teams better operate your marketplace.

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