Complete 5 steps and receive
50% Cashback

on your annual
Growth & Scale Packages

What is the Arcadier Nurture Program?

Arcadier believes that everyone should be given a chance to grow their marketplace business successfully and sometimes all we need is a little nudge and incentive along the way.

To be part of our Arcadier Nurture Program, all you need to do is subscribe to our annual Growth & Scale (12 months) Packages between January and June 2018, fulfil the program requirements and get 50% of your paid package monies refunded.


How does it work?

Simply complete the following 5 steps within the first 6 months of signing up for either of the annual Growth or Scale (12 months) Packages

Place a custom domain for your marketplace
Add at least one custom field to your marketplace
Integrate/connected at least one payment gateway to your marketplace
On-board at least 5 different sellers* and ensure they have payments connected and items listed on your marketplace to trade.
Have at least the following number of items in total listed on your marketplace:
  • - For Retail Marketplaces: >30 listings for sale
  • - For Services or Rental Marketplaces: >15 listings for sale

*Marketplace operator can be considered as a seller if the operator has listed items to sell as a Seller.

Once we have completed our review,
we will refund 50% of your paid package monies back to you after the end of the first 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Arcadier Nurture Program only apply to annual Growth and Scale (12 months) Packages?
Yes, it does. If you are on a Starter or Growth Package, you would need to upgrade to the annual Growth or Scale (12 month) Package to qualify and the qualifying period only starts when you have upgraded.
2. What if I am already on your Growth or Scale Monthly Plan? Does the qualifying period start then?
Unfortunately, the qualifying period only starts the day that you have upgraded to the annual Growth or Scale (12 month) Package and the Nurture Program is only applicable for Packages that have been purchased between January and June 2018 which is not in-conjunction with any other package offers.
3. Do I need to inform Arcadier when I reached the 6th month mark of my package?
No, you would not need to. We do track all our package customers’ progress. We will review your marketplace progress at the end of the 6th month of your package and advise you if you qualify for the reimbursement.
4. Do I need to fulfil all the 5 steps above to qualify for the reimbursement?
Yes, you are required to. There is no partial reimbursement for completion of some of the steps above.
5. What if I have fulfilled some of the steps part way and lost some merchants along the way, thus not qualifying during the review period at month 7th?
The requirements for the Nurture Program is purposely set low so that you would be able to fulfil them easily. We will only be taking into consideration the fulfilment of the requirements during our review on month 7th.
6. When can I expect to receive the reimbursement?
The review period will be on the month 7th and the reimbursement would be made on month 8th or 9th depending on the findings of the review. Our finance team will be in contact.

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What’s next?

Create a marketplace, sign-up for our annual Growth or Scale (12 month) Package and your journey starts!