Arcadier's unmatched OOTB functionality has been refined over a decade and has enabled entrepreneurial enterprises around the world with a powerful and affordable marketplace platform.

OOTB functionality gives client’s immediate access to all the key components and features of a marketplace, including distinct Buyer, Seller and Admin portals, buyer purchase flows, automated and editable EDMs, integrated payments and seller inventory management. Not only are these features ready-to-go, but they wrap-around marketplace models that sell either products, services or time-and-space.

Additional features, functionality, designs, integrations and enhancements are all possible by utilising plug-ins or APIs that enable front-end and back-end customisation across the entire marketplace. This means that clients not only get an unmatched level of functionality in Arcadier's core OOTB product, but they can add extra functionality as-and-when required.

Flexibility is Power with Arcadier

Flexibility is Power with Arcadier

Arcadier is a proven marketplace performer and its OOTB solution is built for those who are searching for ready-made features and functionality that are holistic and dependable. Our industry-leading OOTB functionality has garnered innovation awards for its ease of use, speed to deployment and scalability.

Having launched more marketplaces globally than any other marketplace platform (10,000+ marketplaces in 170+ countries selling 5m+ products), Arcadier has a depth of experience building complex marketplace technology and being vigorously tested by a staggering diversity of customers.

It's why we say Flexibility is Power with Arcadier.

Arcadier Out-of-the-Box functionality Offers:

Out of the box functionality
Fastest Deployment Available
  • Ready-to-launch features: Complete and detailed marketplace features are ready for immediate usage, meaning no development required unless you want to.
  • Intuituve user portals: Best-in-class consumer and seller portals provide user friendly experiences for everything from buyer purchasing and communication, to seller order management, inventory upload and logistics.
  • Accessible Admin portal: A dedicated and robust Administrator portal enables an easy & straightforward setup configuration of your marketplace, allowing you to deploy quickly.
  • Thoughtful themes: Pre-designed themes support various marketplace models and deliver best-in-class user experiences, so any type of marketplace can utilise Arcadier's OOTB solution from products and services to rentals without the need to build from scratch.
Sophisticated Engineering
Adaptability to Empower
True Customability
  • Open customisation options: Customise your marketplace via plug-ins or APIs, whichever is your preference. Both options are possible and allow you to customise according to your deployment, development needs and experience.
  • Potent plug-ins: Access to Arcadier's plug-in marketplace and ability to create private plugins enable clients to easily customise their marketplace by adding on functionality and applications in the click of a button or building it according to their needs respectively.
  • Approachable APIs: Robust APIs with thorough & transparent documentation provide clients the tools & freedom to create new and unique capabilities and functionality to their marketplace.
Saas Scalability & ease of use
Security to Ensure Stability
  • Reliability to depend on: Arcadier's proprietary software is built with bank-grade security so that you and your users are safe.
  • Open hosting options: From fully hosted to completely private and off-premise, Arcadier offers different hosting options so you can choose what's best for you.
  • Custom control: Develop your marketplace according to your requirements, allowing additional layers of security to be created as needed.
  • Accessible & transparent: Fully documented and publicly available APIs mean that you know exactly what is possible and available with Arcadier.

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