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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide my credit card information when I start the 30 days free trial?

No. You do not need your credit card at all. You can start your subscription at any time during the 30 days by entering your payment details within your administrator dashboard when you are ready.

Do I get a discount when subscribing for longer?

Yes. Arcadier Plans come in monthly, semi-annual and annual packages. The longer the subscription period, the greater your discount.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time by unsubscribing in your marketplace administrator dashboard. However, we do not refund for unconsumed days or months.

What are plug-ins and where do I find them?

Plug-ins are optional additional functionalities which you can add on to further customize your marketplace. To learn more about what plug-ins are available for installation, you can visit the Arcadier Plug-In Marketplace here.

What can I do with the HTML and CSS Custom Code Input?

These two tools (HTML & CSS) allow you to make edits to the visual elements on your marketplace web pages. Using the HTML tool, you can also attach some HTML-script based widgets into your marketplace; examples include Facebook pixels and chat bots. All HTML code goes into the <head>section of all user pages on your marketplace.

Using the CSS tool, you can change existing fonts, colours, utilize new shapes with your images and adjust the design for different screen sizes as well. Think of these tools as manipulating the look and layout of your page elements. You can learn more about Custom Codes here.

What can I do with the Custom JavaScript Editor?

Using the Custom JavaScript Editor you can do more advance customisations to your marketplace. Examples include creating new elements like buttons or pop-up notifications. You can also set rules or triggers on what should or should not be displayed on a specific page or event. Usage of this tool is recommended for users with software development experience as it allows running of custom scripts on the marketplace including executing APIs. Think of this tool as an advanced code editor to enhance the experience of your marketplace.

What can I do with APIs?

Using Arcadier’s APIs, you can take your marketplace to the next level. From integrating with external software platforms to building a marketplace mobile application rapidly, Arcadier’s APIs enables you to control all user, item and order data within your marketplace. You can create unique marketplace flows like recommending items to users during search, creating additional payment or order statuses or even building your own custom marketplace experience on a completely new front-end. Typically, we would recommend that you work with an Expert Partner on Arcadier to deploy these customizations for you! For more information on our APIs, check out

Is there setup fees or Transaction fees for Arcadier Plans?

There are no setup fees or transaction fees for Arcadier Plans (Basic, Growth and Scale). However, payment gateways (eg. PayPal, Stripe, Braintree) may charge a transaction fee, please check with the payment processor you have selected to use.

Do I need to find my own hosting when using Arcadier?

No. All Arcadier Plans include secure and unlimited hosting. When we release new features, your marketplace is automatically updated as well.

Can I apply my own branding and domain on my marketplace?

Yes. All Arcadier Plans have no Arcadier branding. You can immediately add your own brand name and logos as well as insert your own domain even when you are on the trial period.

What if I have a new feature request?

If you have a new feature idea you can always let us know by adding your suggestion to our Feature Request Forum on our Help Centre. You can also vote on features that have already been requested by other users.

How can I get help resources?

We are here to help you every step of the way. You can find frequently asked questions of the Arcadier system on the knowledge base help centre or write your questions to our customer service support consultants. Beyond these resources, we have a vibrant user community in which you can be part of.

What happens when my plan exceeds the Transaction limit for the month?

Arcadier Plans are tiered according to the number of transactions for the subscription month. Once the new subscription month begins, the count will automatically reset to zero. Once your transaction has reached 90% of the plan limit in the month, you will receive an email notification from Arcadier. When you have crossed the transaction limit, you will automatically be upgraded to the next plan tier, however you will not be charged on the upgraded plan till your next billing cycle along with the pro-rated days of when the limit was reach in the previous month.

Do you provide project consultation?

Our Arcadier Plans are created to be self-service. However, we do understand that you may require some project advice during your development journey. Arcadier provides project consultation packages at 10 hours per package at US$1,000. These consulting hours can be utilised in minumum of 1 hour blocks at a time and will be in the form of a zoom call. It can be used for Arcadier system training or advising your hired developers on the use of our APIs. These hours cannot be used for specific software development of new features for you. These consultation packages expire 90 days from first hour of use.

Looking for help with custom codes (HTML, CSS, Javascript) customisation?

Need to tailor user design or experience on your marketplace? Our Custom Coders are
ready to assist!

Looking to add a useful feature for your marketplace?

Like to add a new blog page or discount feature to your marketplace? Find the right Plug-ins for your marketplace.