Arcadier Referral Program

Arcadier Referral Program is available for anyone who is interested in promoting Arcadier Marketplaces. Referral Partners will get a commission for customer they direct who signed up for a paid Arcadier (Starter, Basic, Growth or Scale Plan).
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Anyone can be an Arcadier advocate, all you need is an interested audience.

Our referral program spans all industry, but it works especially well with ecommerce and software-oriented resources like review websites, blogs and magazines. But anyone can be a referral partner but introducing Arcadier to their network via their own personal referral link.

Likely Referral Partners



Monetise your blog by adding Arcadier banners and personal referral links to your posts.


If you are a course instructor on eCommerce, recommend Arcadier to your class and share your personal referral link.

Social Media Influencers

Regardless if you are a Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn influencer, put your social prowess to work and get the Arcadier name out.

Web Designers/Hosting Providers

Why not recommend Arcadier to your potential customers, get them to build their marketplace on us with you and it’s a double win.

How it Works?

  • 1.

    Sign-up for the Arcadier referral program to receive your referral links and Arcadier ad banners. Sign up at

  • 2.

    Get the word out! Share your referral link to your audience. It could be a banner on a website, a link on a blog or perhaps an email with the link to your class of students.

  • 3.

    When users who have clicked your referral link or ad banners sign up for a paid plan, you get a 10% commission, paid out on a quarterly basis via PayPal.

What can I earn?

You will earn your commission of 10% for as long as the customer remains a paid customer of the self-service packages below.

Package Type1 Monthly Subscription (US) Commision2  (10%)
Starter $39 $3.90
Basic $79 $7.90
Growth $199 $19.90
Scale $399 $39.90

Note1  :

Our self-service packages may change from time to time and your commission will remain 10% of any packag they are on.

Note2  :

Commissions will be paid out every quarter to your Stripe Account.

Some little details...

Please keep this in mind:

  • A customer signup is counted as a referral if the customer signs up for a paid plan within 60 days of clicking your affiliate referral link and uses the same browser (cookie).
  • Commissions are paid for paying customers. Freemium signups do not generate commissions.
  • Commissions are paid only for the period that Arcadier received a corresponding subscription fees from the customer. No corresponding commission are paid if there was a subscription wavier, cancellation or any refunds during that period.
  • Commission is paid based on the subscription price before VAT. Commission is not paid for cancelled or refunded payments.
  • Commissions are paid via Stripe. A valid Stripe account is required for the program.
  • Payments are made on the 10th day of following month at the start of the quarter. So for the period from January – March, you will be paid on the 10th of April.
  • Commissions are only paid for customers that use your referral link and uses the same browser (cookie), anything beyond that is impossible for us to track and validate. There is no exception to the rule.

Where can I find the finer details?

The full terms and conditions of the program can be found on the sign-up page:

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