Arcadier Reseller Program

Arcadier Reseller Program is available to anyone willing to provide value-added reselling (VAR) to your own customer base and earn a recurring profit from the sale.
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How does an Arcadier Reseller look like?

We are seeking partners who are committed and have the ability to support the end-to-end sale of Arcadier Marketplaces. This means that our resellers will need to introduce Arcadier Marketplaces and also support the set-up process of the users including the subscription of a paid plan. This also means that you would need to know the Arcadier system well and potentially provide on-going support.

Likely Reseller Partners


Technology & Solutions Consultants

You will be asked by your customers to recommend the right solution for their project. Why not recommend Arcadier if they are building a marketplace?

Web Design & Development Companies

You may have a good number of projects coming your way to design and develop online marketplaces and using Arcadier becomes a win-win for you.

Business & Companies

You may be a stockist or wholesaler and your downstream distributors would like an online marketplace presence and would like you to manage it for them.

Techie Entrepreneurs

You may already be well acquainted with Arcadier’s platform and would like to show others how it is done, perhaps you create a full time business along the way.
How does it work?
  • 1

    Connect with us and let us know your interest in becoming an Arcadier Reseller. We will arrange for a phone call with you to better understand you.

  • 2

    We will send you the reseller terms and if you are agreeable, let’s get the legal jargon out of the way quickly.

  • 3

    We will provide a quick train-the-trainer session for you to better understand Arcadier’s solution. We would also conduct regular webinars to let you know what is coming too.

  • 4

    Reach out to your customer base and start selling Arcadier. Bear in mind, value-added reselling means you may need to help the customer get started on Arcadier.

  • 5

    Let us know which marketplaces were on-boarded by you. If they are on a paid plan, you will receive your rebates at the end of quarter for as long as your customers are on a paid plan.

What can I earn?
You will earn your reseller rebate for as long as the customer remains a paid customer for all Arcadier’s Packages (including Enterprise).
Package Type2 Monthly Subscription (USD) Reseller Rebate1  (USD)
Starter $39 $10
Basic $79 $25
Growth $199 $75
Scale $399 $200
Enterprise From US$2,000 15% of Paid Rvenue

Note1  :

You will be paid your reseller rebate quarterly, on the month after the quarter. (e.g. For the quarter, January to March, you will be paid by the 30th of April via bank transfer or other means, less bank or credit card charges.)

Note2  :

You will only be paid a reseller rebate for payment received by Arcadier from your customers.

Some little details...

Please keep this in mind:

  • Becoming an Arcadier Reseller comes with great responsibility of educating or managing your own customers. We will still provide them support on our end, just like any other users of Arcadier.
  • You will need to advise us which marketplace is brought in by you through letting us know the Arcadier URL (eg. Please let us know only when they have subscribed to a paid plan. Don’t worry, we have a process in place to support you here.
  • If your customer stops payment, Arcadier is not obligated to inform you immediately, though we are likely to. You will be made aware during the time when rebates are paid to you.
  • Rebates are paid for paying customers. Freemium and trial signups do not generate commissions.
  • Rebates are paid only for the period that Arcadier received a corresponding subscription fees from the customer. No corresponding rebates are paid if there was a subscription waiver, cancellation or any refunds during that period.
  • Rebates will be paid in USD via bank transfer and it will be nett of any transfer fees or foreign exchange differences.
  • Payments are made before the 30th of the month after the quarter. So for the period from January to March, you will be paid by the 30th of April.

I am interested, what’s next?

Let us know your interest and we will set-up a call to learn more about you.