Retail & Goods Marketplace

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or an individual looking to make a difference in your community, you can create a retail and goods marketplace that caters to your specific needs. With Arcadier’s powerful features and sophisticated marketplace technology, you have the perfect solution. We are here to make your dream come true, just like we did for others.



 Handcrafted Goods

Where can one find a custom-made coffee set or a limited edition pocket watch? You can help people to find vintage, handcrafted or custom-made goods on a marketplace. It’s a fun, efficient and unique way to discover cool items in one place.

 Business Procurement

Open your very own marketplace and gather your merchants! Stock it up with a focus on hand-crafted goods, purchased goods, or second hand products. The possibility is endless with Arcadier.

 Pre-loved (Resell)

What do you do with used and pre-owned goods? You can list them on a marketplace. It’s good for the environment and an efficient way to recycle pre-owned items and turn them into an additional source of income.

 Pre-loved (Swap)

Who says bartering is a thing of yesterday? You’d be surprised to find there’s a lot of people who would be willing to swap preowned goods with each other. Build a marketplace that takes in a pre-owned bike and swap it with somebody who needs a guitar for the weekend.


Keyword search and sorting

We help buyers find what they’re looking for with our keyword search and filters. The filters in your marketplace will be determined by the custom listings that the admin created. Buyers can also sort through the listings by price(ascending/descending), name (ascending/descending), and rating (descending).

Multiple item checkout

Your customers will be able to add multiple items from different merchants into one shopping cart and checkout everything at one go. Stripe and PayPal will automatically split the payments into the respective amounts for each merchant and the transaction fee that you collect.

Item variants

Sellers can insert up to 3 groups for each item that they upload. For every group added, sellers can input as many options as he requires. An example of an item variant group would be “Colour” and the variant options would be the different colours on offer.


We support all ISO 639-1 languages through enabling the integration of Google Translate APIs. To provide accurate translations, a marketplace admin can edit the translations through the dashboard.

Bulk shipping

The bulk shipping feature allows your sellers to reduce the individual item shipping charges if any customer purchases more than one item from them.

Ratings & reviews

Customers can leave star ratings and reviews for products they have purchased (for sellers whom they’ve purchased from).


Receive commission fees

You can determine the commission fees you receive from transactions on your marketplace. Admin commission fees will be a percentage (can be 0%) of the total transaction value. Use your revenue for charitable causes, or to build a business and help the sellers on your marketplace.


Disrupt industries by facilitating a more efficient economy of discovery and trade, which will help cut costs and save time. Make processes such as business procurement or even the process of finding goods and services much easier through your marketplace platform.

Build a community

You can build a marketplace to strengthen relationships within your local community, but you can also attract others who share your mission and vision to be a part of your marketplace community. Create a marketplace and change the world!


The sharing economy is also a means for advancing sustainability initiatives. Lead the way to the future with greater transparency and by advocating more responsible practices on your marketplace.