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Affordable Custom-Build

Creating your marketplace on Scale allows you to maximise the value of our existing DIY SaaS marketplace platform which provides you a head start on your customisations needs.

Easy modification with extensive
development resources

Scale Package allows you access to our range of development tools, from APIs to PHP SDKs enabling you a multitude of tailoring and integration abilities.

Speed to market with ready
features and robust infrastructure

Scale package still enables you to enjoy the full features of Arcadier’s DIY SaaS platform and all feature upgrades that comes with it. Fastest and surest way to start your marketplace journey!

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Freqently Asked Questions

  1. How is the SCALE Package different from the other DIY SaaS Package (Basic & Growth)?

    SCALE Package is the highest tier of our DIY SaaS Packages which means, not only can you enjoy a greater number of transactions per month on your marketplace amongst other feature differences, but you can customise your marketplace to a larger extent. This includes the use of our Private Plug-Ins capability allowing you to create user interface changes, integrating to third party applications or transforming your web-based marketplace into a mobile app. These Plug-Ins are considered private because they are developed by you and only available to your marketplace, unlike public plug-Ins found in the Arcadier Plug-In Marketplace which is available for everyone. This can be done through the utilisation of Arcadier’s APIs (Application Programming Interface) and/or PHP SDKs (Software Development Kits). To learn more about our Arcadier Developer Resources here.

  2. How do I start on SCALE Package?

    To start on the SCALE Package, you can start the 30 days free trial on your selected marketplace type and book a time to speak with our SCALE Sales Consultant. Our SCALE Sales Consultant would advise you on whether your customisations are feasible on the SCALE Package and on the next steps.

    Generally it will start with a recommendation to an Expert Partner who is the best fit for your project and for you to share a detailed plan of your customisation requirements so that there are no surprises later. The Expert Partner would then provide you the most competitive quote for your needs. Once that is accepted, do inform Arcadier, we will also invoice you on the one-time set-up fees and we will then start the set-up process of your API keys and development sandbox environment for you. Arcadier and your Expert Partner would be ready to support you on your development journey.

  3. What are the differences between the SCALE Package & Arcadier Enterprise?

    With the Arcadier SCALE Package, you have the benefit of starting out quickly with our DIY SaaS existing marketplace themes and templates, however you can only tailor your marketplace via the use of Private Plug-Ins, this means that you can make some visual and logic changes to your marketplace existing template. You will still be able to perform significant customisation and third party integrations with Private Plug-Ins. Please check with our SCALE Sales Consultants before proceeding with your customisation.

    Arcadier Enterprise caters to large corporates, governments and businesses who require highly customised user flows, specific hosting, security needs or integration requirements. Arcadier Enterprise projects are normally more complex, requiring detailed project management and a dedicated service-level agreement (SLA) with Arcadier, as a result, Arcadier Enterprise starts at a much higher price point. Arcadier provides a completely headless front-end for our Enterprise clients as they require more advanced modular extensible capabilities. Learn more about Arcadier Enterprise here.

  4. What types of customisation can I do on the SCALE Package?

    SCALE Package allows you to do a great number of customisations including, to change the look and feel of your marketplace, changing workflows, integrate third party applications to your marketplace (eg. shipping application) or build a mobile app for your marketplace. However, it has to be performed through Private Plug-Ins via APIs written in PHP or JS. PHP SDKs and Javascript Custom Triggers are provided to ease your customisation process. Please note that the SCALE package does not have access to NodeJS SDKs and Webhooks does not work on the template provided on SCALE. For more information on Arcadier Developer Resource please view here.

    However, as the SCALE Package is still part of Arcadier’s standardized affordable DIY SaaS solution, our standard marketplace designs are available and they will form the foundation of your marketplace, as such there might be limitations on the level of complex changes you can make to your user flows. Please review your customisation requirements with our SCALE Sales Consultants in order to ascertain if the SCALE Package or Arcadier Enterprise is more suitable for you.

  5. Is there any other cost required on SCALE Package?

    No, Arcadier does not charge any other fees than the ones stipulated above nor do we charge a transaction fee on your marketplace.

    However, you are encouraged to engage the developer who customised your marketplace with a quarterly maintenance arrangement. Please refer to the calendar for the scheduled release dates.This is because as Arcadier continues to add new features into the system, these new features may inevitably clash with your customisation codes, breaking the custom feature. You will be given 3 months to test and fix your custom features before your marketplace is updated to the latest version. Your development partner will be able to get them fixed before the new version kicks in if such a problem arises. Arcadier is not responsible or obligated to perform those fixes for you.

    In addition, if you are integrating into other third party applications, eg. Zoom, Mailchimp, Google Maps, be aware that these applications may charge you a fee for their software.

  6. How is maintenance provided on SCALE Package?

    We require automated test scripts to be provided for all customisations done through Private Plug-Ins. On the SCALE stable environment, Arcadier will release updates quarterly. Every 3 months before a version update on SCALE, these test scripts will identify and inform you on potential breakage of your customisations. Your developer partner has to update your customisations to ensure your marketplace runs smoothly. The coverage of the test scripts report is fully dependent on how extensive your automated test scripts are, therefore do ensure they cover all the major workflows in your custom features.

    All our accredited Expert Partners have experience creating the automated test scripts. If you are using your own developer, you can also refer to our automated testing on how to create one.

  7. How is my project supported if I have utilised all my 10 hrs dedicated technical advisory call before my project is launched?

    Once this happens, you can purchase another set of 10 hrs dedicated technical advisory Zoom calls at US$1,800, alternatively you can always reach the Arcadier Customer Service Help Desk on your Marketplace Administrator Portal, our customer service consultants will respond to your queries via our usual ticketing support system like all DIY SaaS Packages, this will always be available to you. If your questions are technical in nature and are queries from your developer, they can also reach Arcadier’s technical help desk on the Developer Community Forum. Do note that we do get voluminous queries on a daily basis, as such you or your developer may not get an immediate response on these help desks, but we will definitely provide you a reply as soon as possible.

  8. Can I bring my own third party developer to perform the customisation?

    Yes, you may bring your own third party developer to perform the customisation, however you are strongly encouraged to utilise Arcadier Expert Partners who have been accredited and have a good understanding of the Arcadier platform, thereby reducing the time and effort to get your customisations performed.

  9. What am I expected to pay on the SCALE Package and when does it start?

    All SCALE Package customers can expect to pay the following fees:

    1. Developer Customisation Fees: US$5,000 - US$20,000* (estimated)
    2. Arcadier One-Time Setup & 10 Hrs Project Support Fees: US$1,800**
    3. Arcadier SCALE Package Subscription Fees: US$499 per month
    4. Maintenance fees: between 10-20% of the customisation fee** (estimated)

    Developer Customisation Fees are charged by the developers hired directly by the client and fees may vary depending on the complexity of the requested customisation. We estimate it to be between US$5,000 - US$20,000 but it can be lower or higher as well.

    All development performed are required to have automated test scripts provided for each and every customisations done through the use of Private Plug-Ins. Every 3 months before a version update on SCALE, these test scripts will identify and inform you on potential breakage of your customisations. You have to update your customisations to ensure your marketplace runs smoothly. Please speak to your developers about this compulsory test scripts requirement.

    **Arcadier set-up and project support fees is required and compulsory to support SCALE customer, This fee is necessary as it is to assist with the following:

    1. Setting up your API live keys on your marketplace
    2. Setting up your dedicated marketplace development sandbox environment
    3. Setting up your production marketplace on a stable SCALE environment
    4. 10 hours of dedicated technical advisory Zoom calls that can be used for pre-project or project development phases with the customer or the customer’s technical partner and must be fully utilised within 90 days of marketplace set-up.

    Note: 10 hours technical advisory must be utilised in blocks of 1 hour via a Zoom call. It can be utilised by the customer and/or the customer technical partner. Past SCALE Project experiences have shown that such support is critical and necessary for a successful marketplace launch. Arcadier will not refund any unutilised hours.

    **Maintenance fees are charged by the Developer/Expert Partner to ensure that the customisations work with Arcadier’s latest version. On the SCALE stable environment, you will have 4 updates a year.

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