Space & Room Rental Marketplace

Have extra parking space, office space, or rooms in your home? Or maybe you’d love to build an Airbnb-like experience for your community? Our space rental marketplace will enable you to do just that. With Arcadier’s powerful features and sophisticated marketplace technology, you have the perfect solution. We are here to make your dream come true, just like we did for others.



 Personal Space

Whether it’s business-to-business or peer-to-peer, accommodation or storage, you can build a marketplace for space sharing. Help others to maximize the potential of their idle assets — an empty room or even a couch — into an additional source of revenue.

 Office Space

Businesses and entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for cheaper office space, and your marketplace can help them find it. It can be an established co-working space, garages that have been converted into offices, or extra office space that you can spare.

 Industrial Space

You would be surprised to know that many businesses in the industrial sector find it hard to secure a space big enough to accommodate them. You can solve that problem by creating a marketplace that lists industrial spaces for logistics, manufacturing, or wholesale.

 Event Space

Many individuals and business have to constantly look for new places to hold events and parties in. Why not help them by building your own location-based event space rental? Make events more magical and create a memorable experience for others through your marketplace offering.


Map/location and date search

We help buyers find what they’re looking for with our map and date search. The filters in your marketplace will be determined by the custom listings that the admin created. Buyers can also sort through the listings by price (ascending/descending), name (ascending/descending), and rating (descending).

Calendar scheduler

Our scheduler helps customers find and pick out dates and hours easily. Sellers will be able to make specific dates unavailable for bookings whenever they upload a listing. Unavailable or booked dates will be colored grey.

Set rental duration

Available units for service durations are: ‘/minute’, ‘/hour’, ‘/Day’, ‘/week’, and ‘/ month’. With ‘Custom’, sellers will be able to set their service duration for a specific number of minutes / hours.

Book multiple sessions

The number of bookings allowed per session can be set by the seller for each listing they upload. The seller can also allow unlimited bookings per session.


Sellers can specify additional goods and services they can provide with the main service for an additional cost to the buyer.

Ratings & reviews

Customers can leave star ratings and reviews for services they have purchased (for sellers whom they’ve purchased from).


Receive commission fees

You can determine the commission fees you receive from transactions on your marketplace. Admin commission fees will be a percentage (can be 0%) of the total transaction value. Use your revenue for charitable causes, or to build a business and help the sellers on your marketplace.


Disrupt industries by facilitating a more efficient economy of discovery and trade, which will help cut costs and save time. Make processes such as business procurement or even the process of finding goods and services much easier through your marketplace platform.

Build a community

You can build a marketplace to strengthen relationships within your local community, but you can also attract others who share your mission and vision to be a part of your marketplace community. Create a marketplace and change the world!


The sharing economy is also a means for advancing sustainability initiatives. Lead the way to the future with greater transparency and by advocating more responsible practices on your marketplace.