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What makes Arcadier the best marketplace software in the market?
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As the leader in online marketplace SaaS technology, besides making continuous improvements to bring our users new features, we’ve done our research to make sure we always stayed ahead of the curve. We studied the most widely used and successful marketplaces in each category — such as eBay, Taskrabbit and Airbnb — to build in-depth features and a user experience that meets global standards.

Each marketplace type is tailored to your specific needs

Unlike other marketplace software providers that offer one general template for all purposes, we enable you to choose from marketplace types to Buy and Sell Goods, Book Services, and Rent Space or Items. Each marketplace type has its fit-for-purpose workflows and features.

We’ve included powerful features in Arcadier Marketplaces

For instance ratings & reviews, multi-lingual capabilities, social login, Google Analytics integration, private marketplace, the ability to integrate your own payment providers and JavaScript codes editor to add third-party plug-ins or customize your marketplace just to name a few.

For those who seek to build totally custom marketplace platforms

Arcadier offers an Enterprise package, which allows clients to bring in their own developers or work with one of our development partners to use our marketplace APIs. This means that you can build your own unique marketplace website and user experience on Arcadier’s latest set of features.

Our pricing package scales up based on the number of transactions on your marketplace ( an indicator of your marketplace’s growth ) and we don’t charge additional transaction fees. For advice on how to grow your marketplace, we’ve also provided articles and guides on Arcadier Learn.

Building your marketplace platform has been made easy by Arcadier’s marketplace software.
So you can now focus on making your marketplace idea a success.
How we stand out

Easily customisable

Arcadier Marketplaces’ admin and seller portals are user-friendly and designed to be completely selfserve. In fact, we’ve made step-by-step tutorials to show you how to customize your marketplace and how each feature works.

Beautiful themes and templates

Our designs are clean, simple, and appealing. There are several themes you can choose from, but all pages are mobile-responsive, which means they look great on desktop, tablet, or mobile.


While other marketplace software providers only offer a limited time trial, we don’t ask for your credit card information when you start building your marketplace. Pay when you are ready — no lock-in, no contracts, till then its free!

Regular & instant feature updates

Our features are in-depth and comprehensive. Arcadier’s developers are continuously making improvements and adding to the list of features. Fret not, all marketplaces on our platform are updated automatically, so you’ll receive the latest features immediately, without any hassle. Follow our new feature release updates.

Built for Integration

We know that making the marketplace your own is important, hence we have provided tools like HTML, CSS and Javascript editors to enable you to make those edits to layouts, add widgets to your marketplace. We have also gone as far as providing full API access so you can also build that mobile app.

Powerful Infrastructure

Dependability is important. We know that you expect that from us. Our platform is highly scalable and we partner with the best data center providers in the world, that being Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud. We monitor our uptime 24 hours a day, ensuring we keep to our 99% uptime service level.

Ecosystem Services

We know that creating your marketplace is only one part of your entrepreneurial journey. So we have partnered with the best technology, developers, marketing & shipping experts to provide you a holistic support system to cater to your other business needs. View our experts and affiliate partners!

Strong customer support

We know that the journey of starting your marketplace business can be difficult. We are here for you. If you have a question, check out our knowledge base or participate in our user forums. Or you can simply contact us.

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