Arcadier's History

Arcadier, the world's leading SaaS marketplace platform, was founded in 2013 by Paul Cascun, Dinuke Ranasinghe and Gary Ramsell. Their combined experience in technology, ecommerce and online payments inspired them to see the leading role marketplaces could play in the digital transformation of business opportunities.


Whilst Arcadier initially targeted the enterprise market, it switched focus to building a highly engineered self-service product for smaller businesses. It offered unmatched out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality and enabled start-ups and entrepreneurs around the World, with a powerful and affordable marketplace platform. As its code-base and OOTB functionality grew, Arcadier also evolved its highly flexible API-based approach. This naturally re-connected Arcadier with the needs of larger enterprises. Its reputation for flexibility and power took-hold and Enterprise became Arcadier's dominant business channel. Today, Arcadier is entirely focused on the Enterprise channel, whilst Arcadier Self-Service is a separate business.


Arcadier's DNA has remained unchanged throughout. It's core strength comes from sophisticated SaaS engineering which increases speed-to-market, scalability and ease-of-use whilst reducing cost and ending expensive upgrades. Overlaid with the unrivaled levels of OOTB functionality and an API-based approach, Arcadier offers flexibility, power and value. To date, Arcadier has launched more global marketplaces than any other vendor, with more than 10,000 marketplaces in over 180 countries using its unique technology platform.

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