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Unmatched out-of-the-box functionality with Arcadier

Home Credit selects Arcadier to launch in South East Asia

Home Credit selects Arcadier to launch in South East Asia The Philippines’ leading consumer finance company Home Credit has chosen Arcadier, the fastest-growing online marketplace builder, as its partner of record for revamping its web marketplace in the mobile application, My Home Credit app.

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Unmatched out-of-the-box functionality

With a population of over 109 million people, the Philippine market offers real opportunities for commercial and technical development. It is logical for the Home Credit business to evolve to meet the needs of such a significant consumer market, yet it is still a major strategic choice to grow the business by building a category-leading technology platform.

“We at Home Credit Philippines are excited to partner with Arcadier for this project to further develop and organise our web marketplace and provide our Filipino consumers with a seamless experience when using our mobile application,” shares Frantisek Hasara, HCPH Technical Team Lead.

Hasara adds, “With Arcadier’s capability to provide the best out-of-the-box functionality and solutions, we are confident that we can work collaboratively to design, customise, and integrate their solutions to match the vision of our product.”

Projecting flexibility as power

As an online marketplace builder, Arcadier demonstrates its capability and flexibility in marketplace solutions to empower businesses to be responsive to changing circumstances and to scale economically. Having these competitive qualities, Arcadier was chosen by HCPH to lead this project, from developing the proof of concept to executing its broader rollout. Arcadier’s API-based approach, support, and flexibility represented a product that could work with Home Credit’s specialised development teams. “Arcadier’s sophisticated engineering and managed services demonstrated the highest capabilities and technology aligned to our business expectations. It was still surprising to see how much functionality Arcadier packs into its core product,” Hasara added.

Customisation is a sweet spot in achieving market advantage

Arcadier’s Chief Technology Officer Paul Cascun was thrilled with Home Credit’s determination to pursue a rigorous comparison of existing features in competitive marketplace platforms. “This revealed the engineering sophistication of Arcadier’s platform. And it focused on Arcadier’s ability to customise our powerful platform to give our customers a competitive edge in their industries. It’s a great feeling to be chosen by a global fintech operator, but truthfully, our respect for our client will keep us from celebrating until our marketplace is transacting in high volumes. Then we might crack a smile,” Cascun shares.

About Home Credit Philippines

Home Credit Philippines (“HCPH”) is a consumer finance provider that promotes the principles of financial inclusion and safe lending, providing world-class financing services to qualified customers, often first-time borrowers. Home Credit arrived in the Philippines back in 2013 and within 8 years, has helped more than 8 million customers buy the things they need through fast, convenient, and affordable financing in thousands of stores around the country. In 2019, HCPH was also granted the license to operate as a credit card issuer by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), making it the first and only non-bank institution in the country to issue credit cards. HCPH continues to expand its digital and online presence, and now has over 8 million users of its My Home Credit App. HCPH is part of the Home Credit Group, an international consumer finance provider.

For more information on HCPH, please visit Home Credit.

Customer reviews

Arcadier is a great platform for anyone looking to launch and test a marketplace MVP quickly and cost effectively. The end to end framework for a marketplace is taken care of so you can focus on building your business from day one.

Sara D.

Arcadier has truly revolutionised the e-commerce industry with their off-the-shelf marketplace templates. Arcadier helped us materialise our idea with their rental goods marketplace template, which allowed us to set up the website, payment processors etc. without any background knowledge in website design or coding.

Sue L.

From start to finish till finish, Arcadier guided us through the maze that would be the enterprise marketplace environment.

Sonya G.

Arcadier provided us with a seamless B2B experience.

Adrienne F.

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