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Revolutionising the collector experience in the Philippines


Toki emerged from the combined expertise and passion of three co-founders, who were not only executives at GCash, the Philippines' premier mobile app company, but also avid collectors. Their shared enthusiasm for sneakers, LEGO, art toys, and trading cards created a strong bond. However, as they immersed themselves deeper into their collecting pursuits, they encountered the significant challenges faced by collectors in the Philippines — finding trustworthy sellers, negotiating fair prices, and authenticating prized items.

Recognising these hurdles, they embarked on a mission to create Toki, the first end-to-end marketplace in the Philippines fully dedicated to collectibles. This innovative platform aims to revolutionise the collector's experience, ensuring reliability, transparency, and a seamless journey for enthusiasts across the country.

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Key Strategies

Toki's business strategy goes beyond creating a marketplace; it aims to become an integral part of every collector community by delivering the best possible experience. This includes guaranteeing purchases from curated sellers and offering products that are thoroughly reviewed and authenticated by the Toki team.

The team, consisting of category managers deeply embedded in their respective communities, has established strong partnerships and gained valuable insights that shape Toki's approach. Additionally, Toki has introduced innovative features like live auctions and a best-offer option, enhancing the user experience and encouraging social interactions among collectors.

Partnering with Arcadier

Recognising the urgency to develop their marketplace swiftly, Toki chose to partner with Arcadier. They valued the time-saving advantages of Arcadier's end-to-end platform and its potential to meet their needs. Although adapting the platform to Toki's specific requirements posed initial challenges, the collaboration significantly accelerated their development timeline.

This strategic partnership allowed Toki to focus more on innovation, growth, and brand development, ensuring they could deliver a top-tier experience to their community of collectors.


Toki's partnership with Arcadier has transformed the founders' vision into reality, allowing the company to concentrate on innovation and growth within Southeast Asia's rapidly evolving collectibles landscape. Like any entrepreneurial venture, Toki faced its share of challenges, but they are now poised to push the boundaries of the Filipino collectibles marketplace. Toki is committed to delivering an exceptional experience to collectors, not just in the Philippines but throughout Southeast Asia.

Performance Insights

GMV/Transactions: 40% cumulative monthly growth rate in 6 months
Users: close to 100K registered users
Sellers: ~200 vetted sellers
Inventory: over 100K unique products listed

Customer reviews

Arcadier is a great platform for anyone looking to launch and test a marketplace MVP quickly and cost effectively. The end to end framework for a marketplace is taken care of so you can focus on building your business from day one.

Sara D.

Arcadier has truly revolutionised the e-commerce industry with their off-the-shelf marketplace templates. Arcadier helped us materialise our idea with their rental goods marketplace template, which allowed us to set up the website, payment processors etc. without any background knowledge in website design or coding.

Sue L.

From start to finish till finish, Arcadier guided us through the maze that would be the enterprise marketplace environment.

Sonya G.

Arcadier provided us with a seamless B2B experience.

Adrienne F.

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