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Stabilising global supply chains using Arcadier

Clarivate adapted to Covid impacts by stabilising global supply chains using Arcadier. Clarivate is a global leader in providing trusted insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation in the areas of science and intellectual property.

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Speed-to-market is possible when urgency meets capability

During Covid, it became extremely challenging for procurement, sourcing teams and manufacturers to identify new suppliers and contacts and for biopharma companies to source supply. In response to disrupted global supply chains, Clarivate launched the Cortellis Supply Chain Network™ (CSCN). The idea was to go-to-market fast, with a powerful marketplace solution to support manufacturers of generics, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), fine chemicals, excipients, biopharma and raw materials suppliers with stable supply and make therapies easily accessible to all patients. At launch, CSCN connected more than 70K+ companies - buyers and sellers - enabling manufacturers to proactively monitor and mitigate supply risk.

Change is ever-present in marketplaces and it helps to work with "flexibility" as a core value

Clarivate chose Arcadier for this topical project because it guaranteed buyers, sellers and Clarivate (as the administrator) a secure and reliable marketplace platform to identify and connect with potential partners and efficiently manage all steps, from quotations to contracts. With an increased demand for accessible therapies and diversity in supply, CSCN enabled industry players to strengthen supply chains during a period of unprecedented change.

By identifying alternate API sources and other critical ingredients to prevent manufacturing delays, Arcadier was able to help build a resilient supply chain. Together with CSCN, Arcadier's platform provided access to continuously updated manufacturing data, saving users time in confidently assessing potential partners. High-quality product data was paired with primary research on API manufacturers to verify their pipeline and manufacturing capabilities. Users could monitor and manage supply risk with insights on the latest inspections, warning letters, GMP Certificates, supply issues, personalised updates, documentation, and alerts to support overall supply transparency in the industry.

It also helps to start with maximum out-of-the-box power

The COVID-19 pandemic put a spotlight on drug supply chains across the globe, especially for critical and essential medicines. According to Keith Collier, Clarivate's SVP Product - Science, "Although the generics industry has long identified an over-reliance on China and India to supply APIs and key starting materials, the pandemic highlighted a critical need for greater transparency and reliable supply chains. Clarivate developed the CSC Network to open communication channels between manufacturers, provide insights on supply capabilities or vulnerabilities and facilitate deal-making."

By partnering with Arcadier, Clarivate was assured high-level out-of-the-box power. This enabled critical speed-to-market as Arcadier was used as the "base" from which everything else for the Cortellis Supply Chain Network™ was built. This meant it had to integrate with the existing system seamlessly. Paul Casun, Arcadier's Chief Technology Officer iterated that, "Arcadier's extensibility meant it could be adapted to work within Clarivate's existing infrastructure, whilst preserving the rich feature set it brought".

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Arcadier is a great platform for anyone looking to launch and test a marketplace MVP quickly and cost effectively. The end to end framework for a marketplace is taken care of so you can focus on building your business from day one.

Sara D.

Arcadier has truly revolutionised the e-commerce industry with their off-the-shelf marketplace templates. Arcadier helped us materialise our idea with their rental goods marketplace template, which allowed us to set up the website, payment processors etc. without any background knowledge in website design or coding.

Sue L.

From start to finish till finish, Arcadier guided us through the maze that would be the enterprise marketplace environment.

Sonya G.

Arcadier provided us with a seamless B2B experience.

Adrienne F.

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