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Motherhood marketplace building community and connection

A marketplace for mums only

A marketplace for mums only. OCBC created a highly innovative marketplace website to reward a group of its most loyal and influential customers - mums. Marketplaces build community and connection.

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Marketplaces build community and connection

OCBC acknowledged not only the dedication and commitment of mums, but their acute need for valuable advice, information and community connection through an intense and sometimes isolating time in their lives. OCBC then sought to bring a whole range of partners into a "Mum's ecosystem" driven by genuine need.

Leveraging the best of Arcadier's technology

Using Arcadier's marketplace platform and working with Certified Integration Partner, Voilla, OCBC delivered a marketplace not only within a short time frame but one that fulfilled top-level security and compliance requirements that are typical of a major bank.

Strategic relevance

Apart from showcasing the role a consumer bank can play in creating a marketplace connecting customers, merchant products, services and information, Mums Truly powerfully reinforced the bank's long-term goal of building customer life-cycle value. Statistics show that mums are naturally inclined to lead the process of opening accounts for their children. By showing a little loyalty to their customers, the bank ensured that many of those mums turned first to OCBC, to open their kids accounts and start the ongoing conversation of financial literacy that informs OCBC's approach to being relevant to all ages.

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Customer reviews

Arcadier is a great platform for anyone looking to launch and test a marketplace MVP quickly and cost effectively. The end to end framework for a marketplace is taken care of so you can focus on building your business from day one.

Sara D.

Arcadier has truly revolutionised the e-commerce industry with their off-the-shelf marketplace templates. Arcadier helped us materialise our idea with their rental goods marketplace template, which allowed us to set up the website, payment processors etc. without any background knowledge in website design or coding.

Sue L.

From start to finish till finish, Arcadier guided us through the maze that would be the enterprise marketplace environment.

Sonya G.

Arcadier provided us with a seamless B2B experience.

Adrienne F.

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