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Meet Arcadier at ChannelX in London!

Arcadier, a leading Enterprise Digital Marketplace Provider, will be attending ChannelX World as a sponsor of the Insights, Social and DTC track, on October 11th, 2023.

Join us at 155 Bishopsgate, London at booth 24 to explore innovative marketplaces and alternative channels with some of the world’s leading retailers, brands, and merchants. Discover real-world success stories through case studies – and come and talk to Arcadier to see how our API first industry templated and headless enterprise digital marketplaces can empower your online presence.

Proud to be sponsors of the Insights Track

ChannelX offers a three-track conference program around marketplaces, strategy, operations, social, insights, DTC, and profitability.

Arcadier is sponsoring the Insights, Social and Direct-To-Consumer track running from 14:00 – 14:30. Special guest speaker Bertrand karerangabo from will be accompanying Arcadier asn the  keynote speaker for the Insights, Social and Direct-To-Consumer track slot. We can also expect to hear from large companies including, TikTok Shop, H&M, eBay and Unilever.

In the first session in the track,’s Charlotte Munro will lead a talk about "Mastering Generative AI for Future-Ready Marketing", which will explore the transformative rise of Generative AI in enhancing personalized video content and dynamic customer interactions as we approach 2024 – including best practices to ensure authentic customer engagement.

Just before the break, a panel including ChannelX editor Chris Dawson and VP & GM at eBay, Eve Williams, will discuss the "Dance of Supply & Demand: Mastering Marketplace Balance", exploring the crucial equilibrium between supply and demand for marketplace prosperity. The panel will also address effective inventory management, strategic communication with sellers, accurate demand forecasting, and maintaining a balanced marketplace ecosystem.

We’re proud to be sponsoring the Insights Track and can’t wait to hear the insights from our fellow industry experts.

Arcadier at ChannelX  - book a free consultation!

Looking for an opportunity to discuss the latest trends around enterprise digital marketplace? Have any questions about how your enterprise can make the most out of its online presence?

We’ve got great news for you – Arcadier is offering 15-minute consultations to help highlight how our headless marketplace solution allows enterprises to leverage their own front-end designs while utilizing Arcadier's robust back-end APIs.

Our approach offers our enterprise clients a range of benefits, including full customization of user interfaces, seamless extensibility with third-party apps, and enhanced security between front and back-end development. Clients gain the power to deeply explore their unique development, branding, and integration needs, supported by reliable marketplace technology.

Stop by at booth 24 or pre-book your consultation slot here to learn more about our track record of launching over 10,000 marketplaces globally, and how Arcadier ensures dependable, transparent, and flexible back-end structures that are proven to be industry-leading.  


Effortlessly integrate with elegant themes

Not looking to supply your own front-end? We’re also happy to talk to you about how your organisation can leverage Arcadier’s pre-integrated, mobile-responsive templates instead. Our clean and simple designs cater to various marketplace models, ensuring a quick deployment and a top-tier user experience without building from scratch.

A ready-to-use front-end means you can start your marketplace development effortlessly with our easily editable designs that offer optimal user experiences and support various marketplace models, including products, services, and rentals.

During the consultation we’ll discuss how you can modify our templates with ease and effortlessly integrate your applications: maintaining full control over your design needs and your functionality. Arcadier’s templated solutions offer extensive back-end integrations so you can smoothly plug a beautiful template into existing systems, databases, and third-party applications thanks to Arcadier's open API-led architecture.


About Arcadier

Founded in 2013 by Paul Cascun, Dinuke Ranasinghe, and Gary Ramsell, Arcadier is now a leading Digital Marketplace provider through leveraging its founders' expertise in technology and ecommerce to deliver enterprise marketplace solutions.

Thanks to a flexible API-based approach, Arcadier can serve the unique needs of larger enterprises, our primary business channel. With sophisticated SaaS engineering at its core, Arcadier ensures quick market entry, scalability, and user-friendliness while minimizing costs and eliminating the need for pricey upgrades.

The availability of our transparent APIs and advanced software engineering provides unmatched functionality and accessibility, enabling stringent customization, integration, and support through our API-based adaptability, SaaS capabilities, and Professional Managed Services.

Arcadier's Managed Services prioritize marketplace customization, especially for industry-specific functions that define professionalism and capability benchmarks. Collaborating with over 60 global technology and non-technology partners, including Towa and Stripe, we ensure a wealth of expertise for superior marketplace development. Join us to elevate your marketplace success.


Come and visit us at Booth 24

Even if you’re not booking a consultation with us this time around, feel free to stop by Booth 24 to chat with our colleagues about how we help large enterprises such as yours serve your digital marketplace requirements – including choosing between headless or templated marketplaces.

We’d be happy to discuss some of our success stories with you – and to share some of the key insights we learned at ChannelX. We look forward to seeing you there!