Arcadier Marketplace - Australia

Vision Ambitions

Level 3, 127 York Street
Sydney New South Wales, 2000

Australia is Arcadier's third biggest market for SaaS marketplaces, but the country’s openness to the sharing economy means that there is much room for growth. Our largest client base lies in Sydney and Melbourne. With a strong commitment to help Australia's entrepreneurs and communities create marketplaces, Arcadier aims to be the leading ecommerce marketplace solution provider for Australia.

When online marketplace platforms emerged around two decades ago, they mainly focused on retail and goods. Horizontal marketplaces that sell a wide range of goods — such as eBay and Amazon — dominated the era. In the last 5 years, the world has been a revival and accelerated growth of e-commerce marketplaces.

Unlike their predecessors, the new generation of e-commerce marketplace platforms are more localised and industry specific. They include Australia's Zoom2u, MadPaws, CarNextDoor, and Spacer which are some of the most influential marketplace platforms in Australia's sharing economy.

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