Kinora used basic logic to select Arcadier for its ground-breaking
digital health launch in Australia

Kinora was conceived as an innovative and inspirational solution in Australia'sdisability sector. Previously, people had to navigate monolithic mainstream socialmedia channels to connect with like-minded people and specialised services.

Kinora was thus conceived as a digital health community connecting individuals,carers and families to a community of answers and a dedicated marketplace ofproducts and service solutions in the disabilities sector.

Urgency + capability still underpins a drive for speed-to-market

Creating a marketplace from scratch is not a simple task, which is why buying a sophisticated marketplace platform solution held a high-level of interest for Kinora. Whilst the Kinora business was building on a history of empowerment with an innate understanding that a safe and supportive online community was everything for those living with disability, it needed a technology partner with an equally specialised understanding of marketplace dynamics and how these could be applied in a specific digital health community.

Kinora chose a "buy" solution because it offered unmatched
functionality out-of-the-box

Ultimately, Arcadier's Managed Services team was instrumental in going-to-market fast and optimising the platform. Arcadier was chosen because its core SaaS platform offered unmatched power and the ability to adapt. It helped Kinora start in a logical position of strength and build from there.

Invisibly good

Arcadier was a good fit for Kinora because its technical capabilities complemented Kinora’s development team. Perhaps ironically, the beauty of creating a beautiful customer experience is that customers can love the way a platform looks and feels, without noticing the way it operates. This can be a complement from an audience with high expectations, especially when that platform brings products and services together with a community forum.

Arcadier Chief Technology Officer, Paul Cascun said, "The customisation and integration piece for Kinora was highly satisfying because it harnessed Arcadier's strengths with such a rich vision for inclusion and empowerment, that it became a point of pride for Arcadier's Managed Services team"He added that the project "fundamentally highlighted the power of marketplace technology to connect customers and businesses far beyond traditional e-Commerce."

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