Kinora – a ground-breaking disability services community marketplace powered by Arcadier

Kinora is a safe, kind and inclusive online platform where people living with disability and their support network can connect, share expectations, find answers and uncover new solutions. In Australia, the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) offers participants budgeted plans to find and engage the best service providers to support them in achieving their goals to live with greater independence. However, every person's situation is unique and it is never easy finding service or solution providers.

Kinora was thus conceived as a digital platform connecting people living with disability, their families and carers to a community of answers and a dedicated marketplace of products and service solutions.

Arcadier offered unmatched marketplace functionality straight out-of-the-box

Building a marketplace from scratch is not a simple task, nor are there many technology partners familiar with detailed functionality and dynamics.  

Arcadier's Managed Services Team was instrumental in going-to-market fast and optimising the platform. Lisa Wong, Kinora's General Manager said, "Arcadier was chosen because its core platform offered unmatched marketplace functionality, a responsive integration team and great fundamentals. Today we have an excellent and solid MVP. We look forward to build off this robust foundation."

Marketplace technology can connect people beyond traditional eCommerce

Arcadier is committed to helping customers with advanced solutions requiring customisation and integration, yet sometimes the satisfaction goes beyond the technical accomplishment.  According to Chief Technology Officer, Paul Cascun, "Utilising Arcadier's marketplace technology to bring to life such a wonderful vision for inclusion and empowerment is a real point of pride for Arcadier's Manages Services team. Kinora was a great project that inspired us and proved that the power of marketplaces to connect customers and businesses goes far beyond traditional eCommerce channels. 

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